Marcus Roskamp

Lead Pastor

My name is Marcus Roskamp, and I am the lead pastor at Faith Reformed.  I am the primary preacher on Sunday mornings, and provide leadership and care for our staff, consistory, as well as the overall congregation.  I am passionate about seeing God work in the everyday parts of life, and love how many stories of God’s faithfulness I get to hear as a pastor.  I enjoy cooking, soccer, board games, golf, and spending time with my wife and kids! 

Kurtis Reardon

Director of Student and Young Adult Ministries

I'm Kurtis Reardon, the Director of Student & Young Adult Ministries.  I lead the middle school and the high school groups as well as the young adults (college age plus) and oversee some aspects of children's ministry. I enjoy working to make this a great place for students to hangout and grow in Christ.  I like to spend my time cooking with my wife, playing with my kids, backpacking around the PNW, and playing awesome games like soccer, frisbee, or spikeball.   

Ron VanderWerff

Calling Pastor

I am Ron Vanderwerff, the Calling Pastor at Faith Reformed.  I do much of the calling and care for our congregation.  My wife and I grew up in Lynden and returned here after full-time ministry in the Midwest.  I love chatting with people, encouraging them to experience the peace and joy that Jesus offers.  When I’m not visiting, you will probably find me fishing or playing golf! 

Amy Roskamp

 Interim Worship Director

Hello! My name is Amy Roskamp, and I'm filling in as the Interim Worship Director at Faith. Each week, I plan our Sunday morning worship service, choosing both songs and service elements for our weekly worship times, and most Sundays, you can find me either leading worship or playing piano on the praise team. I also work with all of our wonderful praise team and tech team volunteers, and keep our music, instruments, and tech organized and up-to-date. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, thrifting, playing games, and hanging out with family and friends.

Lauri Van Hofwegen

Communications Director

Hi there, my name is Lauri Van Hofwegen. I am the Communications Director. My job is to connect the members of Faith Reformed by putting together the weekly bulletin, and creating brochures and flyers. I also assist in entering the info on our website so that online viewers can watch our Sunday morning worship service.  I am so grateful that God blessed me with the opportunity to serve at Faith Reformed. One of my favorite things to do is to take my Canon out for a joy drive and photograph this beautiful place where we live. I also enjoy creating jewelry, wandering through thrift shops, listening to music, writing short stories, reading, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with our two canines.

Daniel Silva


I'm Daniel Silva; I work as the custodian here at Faith. I've been attending Faith Reformed for my entire life and joined the staff team in 2022. I greatly enjoy serving my church and its congregation through my roles here as Custodian, Sunday Tech Team Projectionist, and Middle School Youth Leader.