Beginning January 11th, 2021, we are ringing in the new year by kicking off a bible reading program called, The Bible In 90 Days (B90).

B90 is an opportunity to read the bible cover to cover as a church community in a 90 day time period while staying on track due to being in pairs or triads that check-in weekly (either in person or virtually) for accountability.

There will also be opportunities to respond and gather as a church either in person or online. 

Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about B90 below.


Is it okay if I listen to an audio version of the Bible?
Yes! If you have a long commute or other chunks of time where listening is easier than reading, then listening to an audio version of the Bible is a great option.

What if I get behind in my reading?
The best way to get back on track is to simply set aside more time each day to read. Don’t skip chapters or books to “catch up”. The goal of B90 is to read the entire bible cover to cover. Maybe you can choose a day where you have some extra time and commit to reading a couple day’s worth of scriptures. There are also two “grace days” built into the plan so if you know there is a day when you won’t be able to read you can plan to use one of those.

What about all the lists of laws and names, how am I supposed to understand all that?
B90 is different than a typical Bible study. If you come across parts of the Bible you don’t understand, all you do is simply keep reading! The goal of B90 isn’t to leisurely linger over verses and stories. The goal is to read the entirety of Scripture in a short time frame so you can get caught up in the big story of God’s love and redemption.

Is there a certain version of the Bible I should read?
Read whatever translation you are most comfortable with. If you typically read from the NIV, then use the NIV. If you like KJV, then use KJV. You should not use a paraphrase version of the Bible like “The Message”. While paraphrase versions of the Bible are wonderful in so many ways, reading the whole bible is best done in a translation rather than a paraphrase.